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Good news for Scarlet Macaws!

The largest population of Scarlet Macaws or Ara Macao or Ara Macaw is found on the Osa Peninsula, south of Costa Rica.

Introducing the beast

Each continental region has its own form of giant parrot: Central and South America have macaws, while Australia and Southeast Asia have cockatoos. Macaws are world-famous for their brilliant colors, and the noise they make above the canopy.

Macaws are extremely social birds. They are often found in groups or pairs.

Researchers have so far been unable to discern any hierarchy, as the groups do not seem to be led by a leader. The only certainty is that the younger birds always give priority to the older ones when it comes to food.

Calls play an important role in the cohesion of pairs and groups, and have a meaning for their fellow creatures.

Good news

In the latest issue of Tropical Biology, scientists are pleased to report that there are almost 1,200 individuals on the Osa peninsula, enabling them to carry out research on this population, which is an endangered species.

We now know that they feed on the fruits of over fifty species of plants and trees, such as almonds, teak and melina, and nest in over ten species of tree, such as rosewood.

Future research will focus on DNA testing to determine their origins and thus anticipate any diseases they may encounter.

The real concern remains the pillaging of nests, despite the presence of a few guards, but the number of guards in this very wild region is still insufficient.
Hotels in this part of the country do their utmost to help, especially those located between Puerto Jimenez and Carate, in Costa Rica’s South Pacific.

Their slogan is often: “If you don’t see a macaw, we’ll pay you back!” As far as we know, they haven’t refunded many people!

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