A local travel agency to prepare your trip

When you want to build a house, you call in a builder if you don’t have the required knowledge yourself, don’t you?
If you have a toothache, you go to the dentist, and if you want good bread at home, you go to the best baker, don’t you?
So why would you deprive yourself of the skills and expertise of a local travel agency for your travels?

As far as Costa Rica Découverte is concerned, we are on the ground and involved in the life of the country on a daily basis. Hotels and service providers of all kinds hold no secrets for us, and we share this local knowledge with our customers. Our 9-strong team constantly takes turns visiting and inspecting our suppliers (hotels, activities, etc.) and updating this data to offer you the best options available.

In practice, the big multi-destination tour operators use local receptive agencies to offer you holidays, and thus become intermediaries. Communication is slower and, above all, the tours offered are not always in harmony with your wishes. With Costa Rica Découverte, as with our other partner agencies, you deal directly and in total interaction with your travel consultant, who is ON THE SPOT and knows the country like the back of his hand.

The local travel agency during your stay

Although we attach the utmost importance to the smooth running of your stay, sometimes a mishap or accident can disrupt a trip. Costa Rica Découverte’s entire team is trained to deal with these contingencies and to help you in the event of an unexpected turn of events.
Here are a few concrete examples of travel incidents that could have turned into a nightmare, but which, because they were handled by our agency, found a favorable outcome and 24/7 assistance. Situations we’ve had to deal with that don’t just happen to others, believe us:

The dislocated shoulder

  • this customer who slipped on a rock and dislocated his shoulder, and who, in record time, saw the rescue helicopter pick him up at the foot of the waterfall where he was, transporting him to San José Hospital for the best possible care. We organized the return of his wife, who now found herself isolated, accompanied them through all the procedures involved in taking care of him, and were on hand to translate with the surgeon and anesthetist to ensure that the operation went as smoothly as possible. We added special touches: books and magazines in their native language, a phone recharge to keep in touch and a few chocolates to soften the wounds. In short, we were simply present and attentive.

Avian flu

  • This person who, 2 days after arriving with her friends, felt weak and unwell, and after finding her a doctor and a laboratory for a blood test, realized that she had contracted avian flu before her departure. She was flown in, received by us at the hospital, cared for and looked after, and 5 days later rejoined the rest of the group to enjoy her trip.

The fake miscarriage

  • We can also tell you the story of a young woman, 3 months pregnant, who suddenly experienced abnormal bleeding. Here again, our team made just a few phone calls to arrange her repatriation to the best hospital in the region. I personally went to welcome them on their arrival and give them moral and linguistic support. Fortunately, it was only a false alarm. We reorganized the rest of the honeymoon so as not to take any risks. A few months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby.

These are just a few examples, and of course we always hope it won’t happen again. But rest assured that whatever happens, Costa Rica Découverte will do its utmost to help, resolve, adapt or advise. That’s our commitment.

The advantages of Costa Rica Découverte

As you can see, our first asset is our real presence on site, close contact with customers, 24/7 assistance in French and a team always ready to listen.

Our customers are our top priority.

Here, for example, is a non-exhaustive list of Costa Rica Découverte’s advantages:

– a concierge service: luggage storage, restaurant reservations, organization of a special event, delivery to your hotel – whenever possible – of everyday goods if lost or forgotten, reception and transmission of documents, retrieval and dispatch of forgotten items, etc.

accompaniment to consular services if required

– our presence and translation service in the event of hospitalization or repatriation

intermediary service with airlines, travel assistance, etc.

24/24 assistance by telephone, e.g. to modify an activity schedule, change a room and/or hotel, deal with an accident, find a doctor, etc.

– a receptionist on arrival

– a free SIM card for your smartphone to stay in touch

– a complete and detailed travel diary (roadbook), an example of which you can leaf through below


In short, we’re awesome!