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Costa Rica Découverte is a French-speaking agency that has been operating in Costa Rica for many years. Our tours are based on our in-depth knowledge of the country. All our tours offer a different way of discovering Costa Rica.

Whether you’re an adventurer looking for a self-guided vacation, a relaxation getaway, a tour that combines discovery and idleness, or a rural tour that allows you to share in the Costa Rican way of life, we have a formula to suit you, or we can create one especially for you.

These tours are all modifiable, so you can choose them as they are or adapt them to suit your needs.

Autotour in Costa Rica: an autotour is a self-guided tour for those who want to discover Costa Rica in complete freedom.

Costa Rica All Inclusive: for those who want a controlled budget where transport, meals and activities are planned and organized in advance.

Guided tours in Costa Rica: there’s nothing like a tour with a private English-speaking guide to discover the riches of Costa Rica. Discover the country in a different way with passionate guides.

Sporty vacations in Costa Rica: if you like hiking, trekking and meeting local people, our sustainable tourism and rural tourism tours are just what you need.

Honeymoon in Costa Rica: A honeymoon in Costa Rica to ensure incredible memories that will stay with you forever. Romance, action and idleness are all on the agenda.

Costa Rica as a family: nature and wildlife are the discoveries that will captivate the whole family during this trip. Fun activities, magical discoveries and experiences for all will make this trip a unique adventure.

Rural tourism in CostaRica: would you like to travel and meet local communities? We can guide you to meet local people and discover traditional ways of life.

10 days in Costa Rica: If you’ve only got a few days to discover Costa Rica, we’ll show you the essentials without wasting any time. Our trips have been designed and optimized to make the most of these few days.

15-day Costa Rica tour: This is the average length of a trip to Costa Rica. Ideal for an unhurried first approach. Optimized tours that meet all your travel criteria.

3 weeks in Costa Rica: In our opinion, the ideal length of time to take in the country as a whole. From north to south and from east to west, 3 weeks is the perfect time to enjoy each stage without running too much.

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