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All these tours can be customized. Don’t hesitate to contact us to build your ideal holiday.

• Our autotours:

These self-guided tours are designed for those who want an independent way to discover Costa Rica in complete freedom, while making sure they have enough room to optimize their stay without wasting time.

• Our all-inclusive tours:

These tours are specially designed for those who don’t want to worry about a thing: your hotels booked, your meals planned, your activities organized – and all without driving. Don’t worry about a thing, we’ve got it all planned just for you.

• Private chauffer or guide:

For those looking for a safe and relaxed way to discover the country’s riches, there’s nothing like a tour with a private English-speaking guide.
Discover authentic Costa Rica with our passionate guides.


Your tailor-made trip to Costa Rica

You love nature trips, watching animals or spending your vacations contemplating magnificent landscapes. Are you more of a sports vacation person or do you prefer to relax on sandy beaches?

Then yes, Costa Rica is the place for you!

Costa Rica is a unique destination in the world that we invite you to discover for the duration of a trip.

A tailor-made trip to Costa Rica will satisfy all your desires: whether it’s the beauty of the landscapes, the vast deserted beaches, the cool mountains, the active volcanoes, or activities of all kinds, you’ll find everything you need in Costa Rica. Of course, it’s nature that has long attracted tourists, but there are many other facets to Costa Rica.

How do you travel?

As a family, a couple or with friends, by car, bike, horseback or on foot, you can explore every corner of the country at your own pace, discovering the joys of rafting, canyoning, zip-lining, surfing, hiking, climbing and much more for an active vacation.

And why not spend a night in the jungle, sleeping in a tree or a cave?

For those with a taste for rejuvenation, from volcanoes to beaches, there are plenty of places to relax and enjoy the many spas, yoga classes and meditation retreats on offer.

Costa Rica, a country with no limits!

Pura Vida !

Did you know?

toucan swainson circuit au costa rica

An impressive appendage gives the toucan its distinctive flight. However, you have to wonder if it isn’t a bit cumbersome?
At first glance, you wouldn’t want to stick your finger in there, would you? Well, this beak, this spike, this peninsula, is nothing other than keratin fed by a multitude of veins that enable the toucan to regulate its temperature.

faune toucan arc en ciel costa rica

Is it too hot? Then he dips his beak in a cool sheet of water and the blood vessels will naturally lower the body’s overall temperature. Conversely, a little coolness and the toucan will slide its beak under its wing to warm the small vessels.

Practical in a tropical country, don’t you think?

In any case, don’t hesitate to observe this strange bird during your trip to Costa Rica.

Would you like a tailor-made trip to Costa Rica just for you?

Our 100% French-English-speaking agency can help you plan your trip to Costa Rica.
We’ve been living and working in the country for many years, and are specialists in the art of preparing and tailoring a tour that suits you and your expectations. We are a local agency in Costa Rica, working directly with you, not an incoming agency, the last link in a chain that accumulates commissions.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our greatest reward.