Photo Gallery of Costa Rica

6% of the world’s biodiversity makes Costa Rica one of the countries in the world where you’ll have the chance to observe an impressive number of different species, and where photos are a matter of course. The fauna, flora and landscapes will often leave you speechless. Beyond nature, you’ll also meet a welcoming and fascinating people. Here’s a sample of what you’re likely to see during your stay in Costa Rica: land of green gold…

From the north to the south of the country, the flora and fauna are intimately linked and enjoy an ideal climate.
The drier, warmer north of the country attracts species such as monkeys, reptiles and small mammals. The dry season confines them to the heights of the Cordillera, while the wet season sees the animals return to seek out watering holes. A constant coming and going.
The Central Pacific enjoys a clear transition between dry and humid tropical forest. This characteristic seems to suit more exotic species such as wild scarlet macaws, martens, ocelots, two-toed sloths, kinkajou…

The South Pacific, stretching from Uvita to Corcovado and Golfo Dulce, has all the characteristics of a tropical rainforest. It’s clearly a must-see when it comes to flora and fauna. The country’s endemic species are found here, including tapirs, anteaters, armadillos, 4 species of monkey, jaguars, pumas, pacas (Tepezcuintle), humpback whales and 2 species of dolphin. More than 140 mammals live in this part of the country.
The Caribbean is also home to a fairly dense biodiversity. 2 species of monkey, 2 species of sloth, coatis, raccoon, otter, manatee (rare and endangered) and dozens of species of bat.


The photos are often kindly donated by our customers. We sincerely thank them for their help and for the artistic quality of some of them. Special thanks to Jean-Luc, Franck, François, Laurence, Eric, Jean-Luc, Anne, Patrick, Alejandro, Jairo, Sergio for their contribution.